Press Releases

Press Releases

18 February 2021

Free Capacity at JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven - deliveries still possible at any time

Full terminals in the western ports as well as in other German seaports and the associated restrictions affecting the delivery of containers have created understandable annoyance among both customers shipping goods as well as service providers. Thanks to its free capacities, JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven can offer practical solutions which not only help customers maintain intact supply chains but also, as it is often the last loading port on the continent, allow more time for deliveries than at other ports coupled with usually representing the shortest transit time of goods to their final destination.

28 Oktober 2020

Energiedrehscheibe Wilhelmshaven 2.0

Port professionals from Wilhelmshaven have started the Wilhelmshaven Energy Hub 2.0 initiative to work out offerings and create opportunities for the location in a concerted effort.

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