Wilhelmshaven Energy Hub 2.0

Wilhelmshaven Energy Hub 2.0

Port professionals from Wilhelmshaven have started the Wilhelmshaven Energy Hub 2.0 initiative to work out offerings and create opportunities for the location in a concerted effort.

As a gateway for the coal and petroleum trade Wilhelmshaven's deep-water port is Germany's energy hub. Its unique selling points - the deep-water navigation channel, the land available for development, its storage capacities and excellent accessibility by road and rail - make the Port of Wilhelmshaven ideally suited to achieve the zero-emissions energy supply target.

Various project developers have caught on to that, and firms that support the energy transition have started to notice Wilhelmshaven.

The first meeting of the Wilhelmshaven Energy Hub 2.0 initiative will see the working group assess the manifold projects and the status of enquiries. The group comprises the Wilhelmshaven branch office of Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG, the specialist department of Economy and Regional Management of the City of Wilhelmshaven, Wilhelmshavener Hafenwirtschafts-Vereinigung e. V., JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Arbeitgeber- und Wirtschaftsverband Jade e. V., an employer and business association.

"By applying the available know-how and striving to implement a realistic energy transition, we are certain that Wilhelmshaven will become an energy hub 2.0 over the coming years," Mathias Lüdicke said during the initial talks.

The stakeholders in particular hope to promote Wilhelmshaven as a location with the perfect conditions to implement the energy transition. They also bet on the economic support provided by the city. "For us, the energy transition is not all about challenges, but about opportunities too. We want to make active use of these opportunities to turn Wilhelmshaven into Germany's number one energy location," emphasises John H. Niemann. The initiative will regularly meet to continually develop Wilhelmshaven as a business location together with parties interested in the project.

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