Port Services

Port Services

Repair and Servicing

For decades, a shipyard featuring shipyard hall, dry dock (160m / 8000 dwt) and cross-slip / lifting system as well as internationally renowned companies specialised in shipbuilding and machine engineering with highly qualified, world-leading engineers and professionals have offered competent and reliable services.

Offshore Services

  • Large-component services, offshore wind farm installation and operation services as well as research and development services
  • Ideal conditions to handle, store, assemble and repair large offshore components in both the Outer Harbour and the Inner Harbour
  • Ideal logistical and nautical conditions to prepare and load oversize and heavy cargo, for instance wind turbines with mounted blades, onto offshore wind turbine installation vessels
  • Berthing facilities to supply, equip or repair service ships and offshore wind turbine installation vessels
  • Large locks for access to the Inner Harbour
  • Efficient repair services providers and shipyards in the Inner Harbour
  • Short transit times between the open sea and the safe port (port of refuge)
  • Centrally located berths for service ships and supply vessels in the ports of Alter Vorhafen, Fluthafen and Pontonhafen

Offshore Logistics

All offshore logistics services are carried out on site by experienced firms and professionals.

  • Storage and warehousing capacities to store material, equipment and tools in the Inner Harbour
  • Berths to jack up offshore wind turbine installation vessels
  • Port equipment to handle heavy-duty cargo
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